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Audio Driving Tours of Pasadena, Hollywood, and Los Angeles on CDs

Want to see Hollywood & L.A.?  
Our audio tours are the least expensive
and most convenient tours in town
and you'll see things most tourists miss!

How do they work? WE record the tours onto audio CDs and MP3 downloads, YOU listen to them in your car as you drive. Our tours are the least expensive because we guide a whole car full of people around town for less than $20, bus tours cost $25 to $100 per person (or more!).  Our tours are the most convenient because there's no schedule, you are in charge.  Go any time you like, stop to photograph or explore interesting places any time you like.

I was transported

I was transported

Customers from 154 countries have told us that movie locations are what they want to see most. We guide you to more than 100 of them! The #1 favorite? The Old School "fraternity house" in South Pasadena. Bus tours don't guide you there -- we do!

For the true "L.A. experience" our Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Pasadena tours guide you to the Hollywood sign, movie studios, L.A. icons, local favorites, magnificent architecture, beautiful gardens, fine museums, and of course movie locations for Back To The Future, Old School, Halloween, Beverly Hills Cop, Rebel Without A Cause and many more. Scroll down to hear previews, get downloads, or purchase CDs.

We saw beautiful things we didn't even know existed, toured a movie studio, had lots of great food, and we're going home with money in our pockets!

BUT WHAT IF YOU ONLY HAVE AN HOUR OR SO AND WANT TO SEE AS MUCH OF HOLLYWOOD AS POSSIBLE? We have a 30-minute "EXPRESS" version of our popularHOLLYWOOD tour. You get studios, movie locations, landmarks, and 100 years of history and trivia, all in a short, easy drive through the heart of Hollywood. At only $7.95 it's the best bargain in town. We have to upload this tour in 8 separate tracks so make sure you download all of them to know where to start and where to go next. Click here to download the EXPRESS tour now.

We saw beautiful things we didn't even know existed, toured a movie studio, had lots of great food, and we're going home with money in our pockets!

These CDs are awesome. Helped us find our way all around L.A.

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So much to see that you shouldn't miss

S i t e   N e w s   &   T o u r   U p d a t e s :
06/11/13:  Jim Henson & Charlie Chaplin Studios in Hollywood 06/01/13:  How to see Celebrities in L.A.
05/18/12:  *LIKE* us on FACEBOOK NOW: DOWNLOADABLE MP3s: Scott's L.A.'s Hollywood, Los Angeles & Pasadena tours are now all available to DOWNLOAD at
07/08/13:  *NEW* Download the Express Tour

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The Original Best Audio CD Tours of Hollywood, Pasadena, and L.A.

What's in it for you?  We don't accept any advertising, nobody has paid us to tell you anything. Everything described on our CDs and our web site are favorites that have been recommended by visitors and us “locals” who live here.  These are personal opinions, but the history and trivia about specific sites have been researched and verified using libraries, historical societies, online sources, and even the History Channel. Movie locations are chosen because they're easy to drive to, easy to recognize, and easy to photograph. Locations are verified by being on-site while movies are being shot, and by comparing individual frames from DVDs to each location. You'll be able to verify that yourself after you've been to the locations.

Our audio tours are a great introductions to these famous and fascinating places.  Our commitment to you comes from years of experience helping people:
spend less, drive less, and enjoy more!

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