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Pasadena is one of Southern California’s oldest and most historical communities.  While it's still very low-key, Pasadena offers:
- Hundreds of movie locations. This tour guides you to
50 movie & TV locations
including: American Pie, Back To The Future, Beethoven, Halloween, Jurassic Park, Old School, The Sting, The Terminator, The Wedding Planner, Alias, C.S.I., Cold Case Files, J.A.G., and The West Wing
- Great food. In Pasadena you can have a good meal for two for what it costs to park in West L.A. or Beverly Hills
- Shopping "hot spot" of Old Town's Colorado Boulevard
- Legendary architecture (including the famous Greene & Greene California Craftsman architecture)
- World-class art (Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne, Picasso)
- Headquarters of NASA’s unmanned space program
- Great kid’s museum
- The Jungles of Jurassic Park II, Anaconda, and Fantasy Island
- The spectacular Huntington Gardens & Library
- and so much more... 

...yet most visitors miss it all!

Why?  Because they don’t have friends who live here to show them around.  Our Audio Tours do that for you.

As you tour these locations, you’ll discover beautiful neighborhoods and architecture that you’d probably never see on your own.

Pasadena's City Hall has been used in many movies including Beverly Hills Cop II, Rumor Has It, and countless times as the Russian K.G.B. Headquarters Building!


Scott's L.A. Pasadena Audio Tour CD TRACK LISTINGS: (for an audio sample, click HERE)
1. Introduction: Things You Need To Know
2. Route 66, Rose Parade parking, Cal Tech, Beverly Hills Cop.
3. California Craftsman movement and Greene & Greene "Blacker House."
4. Huntington Hotel, "Beverly Hills Ninja."
5. Movie locations of "Bruce Almighty," "Chinatown," Greene & Greene "Crow House," "Father Of The Bride."
6. Lake Avenue, Colorado Boulevard, "40 Year Old Virgin," Pasadena Playhouse.
7. Marengo, See s Candy original home.
8. Raymond Avenue, "Bedazzled," Gold Line light rail, Castle Green, "The Sting," "Alias," Norton Simon Museum.
9. Rose Bowl.
10. Alternate instructions if the Rose Bowl was blocked off due to special events.
11. The Gamble House, "Back To The Future," Colorado Boulevard Bridge, "E.R."
12. Orange Grove Boulevard, "J.A.G." Headquarters.
13. Movie Locations: "J.A.G.," "Halloween," "National Treasure," "Sky High."
14. "C.S.I. (Lady Heather s House)," "Halloween."
15. "Terminator," "Dr. Doolittle," "Teen Wolf," "American Pie II."
16. "Halloween."
17. "Back To The Future II," "Cold Case Files," "Old School," "Teen Wolf," "Back To The Future," "thirtysomething," "Ghostdad."
18. "The Girl Next Door," "Beethoven," "Jurassic Park III," "Bringing Down The House," "Forever Young,"
19. Rialto Theater, "Kentucky Fried Movie," "Thriller," "The Player," "The Rocketeer," "Scream II," "Cold Case Files," "X-Files," "Old School," "All Night Long."
20. Huntington Library & Gardens including the movie locations for "The Wedding Planner," "Memoirs of a Geisha," "The West Wing," "Star Trek: The Next Generation."
21. L.A. County Arboretum & Santa Anita Racetrack includes "Jurassic Park" and "Fantasy Island" locations.

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