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Scott's L.A.™ Article:  Rose Parade® Parking

Rose Parade Parking in Pasadena for New Year's


USUALLY  parking in Pasadena is easy.  It’s a grand old city with wide streets and plenty of parking.

HOWEVER, on the days immediately before and after New Year’s, parking can be extremely difficult because of the Rose Parade® and the annual football game in the Rose Bowl.

WARNING  BEWARE:  When you see signs saying
or TOW-AWAY – they mean it!

No Parking during Rose Parade Season

Some say that 1,000,000 people are in town for these evemts.  Whatever the exact number is, that’s a lot of people looking for a place to park!
The problem is that in order to make room for the grandstands, television equipment, special electric, video, and data lines, they temporarily block off some sidewalks, street parking, and close a few existing parking lots.
And remember, if you do get towed, getting your car “out of hock” is expensive and requires CASH.

Rose Parade Seating in bleechers.

TV Cameras filming the parade  NBC's TV Camera booth for the Rose Parade

Parking Recommendation

There are many parking alternatives around town but you’ll have to drive around and look for them.  Also know that there are huge price differences.

For automobile parking we recommend Pasadena City College.  It’s easy to find, easy to get to, is safe and secure, it has plenty of parking.  This photo is the northwest corner of PCC (1570 E. Colorado Blvd.) at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Hill Avenue.  Hill is an exit off the 210 Freeway which is just a few blocks north of PCC. Just south of Colorado there are entrances to PCC’s parking lot.  There are two large parking structures on campus.  Parking is well-organized and patrolled by Security.

As of 12/20/2010, according to PCC campus security, automobiles park for $30.

Rose Parade Parking at PCC

RV Parking at PCC is handled separately by Sharp Seating Co. For pricing, please contact them at
(626) 795-4171.
WARNING NOTE: As of 12/21/2010, several customers have called and complained to us that
RV Parking prices are prohibitively high at PCC.

RV’s must be “self-contained,” there are NO RV hook-ups on the PCC parking lots.

For further details, please see:

Click HERE for this website

RV Rose Parade Parking

RV's park for Rose Parade

Rose Parade Parking for RVs

PCC is on the Parade Route

Colorado Boulevard IS the parade route.  Viewing on the sidewalks is absolutely free although you do need to get there early to get a place to sit.

Reserved seating with a better, unobstructed view is available in the grandstands along Colorado Boulevard.  You can see some of the empty grandstand seats on the right, just above the chain link fence.

For reserved seating tickets, prices, and seating locations, contact the Sharp Seating Company.

Saving Seats for the Rose Parade

People are allowed to “stake-out their territory” on the sidewalks starting at noon the day before the parade, then camp out overnight to see the parade. 

It can be cold and uncomfortable overnight, but it is free.  And – it’s one giant “block party” – something you won’t forget!  These photos were taken at Noon, 24 hours before the parade started !

Reserving Seats for the Rose Parade

Photos by Scott


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