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Pasadena Movie Locations by DVD Chapters

The scenes in the DVD movies below are the locations on you’ll see on the tour, plus a couple of “extras” not mentioned on the CD. Sometimes they’ll look exactly as they did in the movies, sometimes not. Why? Because the set decorators may add fences, plants, and props that aren’t normally there. For example, in The Terminator, Linda Hamilton works in a restaurant called Big Jeff’s with a statue out front. In reality, the restaurant is named Carrows and there’s no statue.

Another trick is to edit different locations together in the movie so they appear as a single place. In Father of the Bride, the front of the house is on the tour, but the basketball court in the driveway was shot at a similar looking house several miles away in Alhambra. In Old School, “the boys” had a meeting inside Shaker’s restaurant in South Pasadena, but the exterior of the restaurant was shot somewhere else entirely.

Locations are listed by scene number and starting time ( Hours:Minutes:Seconds ). Times were taken from widescreen version DVDs. Be sure your DVD counter is set at 0:00:00 when the movie starts so you can find these scenes. If you have an extended version DVD (with extra scenes), times may be different.

DVD Title Scene Scene Description Time
40 Year-Old Virgin 7 Steve Carrell asks out the “bookstore girl.” This scene was shot inside Vroman’s on Colorado Boulevard. 0:46:20
American Pie II 6 Mena Suvari calls Chris Klein from her vacation. Pasadena City Hall used as the European setting. 0:23:23
American Pie II 11 Sean William Scott & “the boys” paint the house while trying to look at “the girls.” 0:41:06
American Wedding 15 Sean William Scott and dogs are at the pre-wedding party at the Huntington Gardens south lawn. 1:04:50
American Wedding 24 Huntington Gardens Conservatory. The wedding takes place in this beautiful glass structure. 1:30:24
Anaconda 24-32 Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Jon Voigt, Owen Wilson & cast in the jungle river. Los Angeles County Arboretum lagoon “dressed” to look like Amazon basin river with tall waterfall & old factory sets built for the movie. 1:02:15
Back To The Future 9 Crispin Glover (“George McFly”) watches Lea Thompson through her window, he falls from tree, Michael J. Fox (“Marty McFly”) pushes him out of the way of the oncoming car, then "Marty" gets hit by the car. 0:41:18
Back To The Future 10 Michael J. Fox enters the Gamble House. Both the exterior and interior used as “Doc Brown’s” house. 0:47:49
Back To The Future 12 Michael J. Fox (“Marty McFly”) and Crispin Glover (“George McFly”) walk across the street to a beautiful Craftsman house used as George’s home. “Marty” is trying to convince “George” to ask Lea Thompson to the “Enchantment Under The Sea” dance. “Darth Vader” finally convinces “George” to do it. 1:01:14
Back To The Future II 14 Michael J. Fox held prisoner in Biff’s grandmother’s garage. Soon after, Christopher Lloyd rides his bicycle to the house to rescue Fox. 1:07:49
Bedazzled 3 Brendan Fraser strikes out with the “girl of his dreams” then is seduced by “The Devil” (Elizabeth Hurley) who grants him 7 wishes at the Crown City Brewery. 0:06:00
Beethoven 2 First time “Beethoven” (as a puppy) enters the house which is the central location for the movie. 0:09:28
Beverly Hills Ninja 1 Chris Farley meets with his sensei at the Huntington Gardens, Zen Garden. 0:04:46
Beverly Hills Ninja 4 Chris Farley says goodbye and runs into bus at the Huntington Gardens, Japanese Garden. 0:18:26
Beverly Hills Ninja 6 Chris Farley arrives at Huntington Ritz-Carlton Hotel. 0:23:20
Beverly Hills Ninja 8 Chris Farley on South Lake Avenue in Pasadena which “doubles” as Beverly Hills street. 0:31:14
Beverly Hills Ninja 11 Several exterior scenes at the Huntington Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Chris Rock chases rooster on the south lawn. 0:35:07
Bringing Down The House 7 Steve Martin visits “ex-wife” Jean Smart at their former house to discuss their kids. 1:03:53
Bruce Almighty 14 Catherine Bell attempts to seduce Jim Carrey at the “Party House.” 1:04:37
Chinatown 4 Jack Nicholson drives up the long driveway to Faye Dunaway’s house. 0:24:38
CSI, Season 2,
“Slaves of Las Vegas”
2 Police arrive at “Lady Heather’s” house. 0:13:53
Dave 1 Los Angeles County Arboretum lawn inside the main entrance. Helicopter lands in front of the “White House” façade built for the movie. 0:01:17
Dr. Doolittle 8 Eddie Murphy rescues “Bonehead.” The front of South Pasadena City Hall is used as the “dog pound.” 0:24:32
Evolution 15 Pasadena City Hall used as Arizona State Capitol building. 1:06:58
Father Of The Bride 1 Establishing shot of Steve Martin driving to his house which is the primary location for the movie. 0:06:34
Forever Young 6 Jamie Lee Curtis’ house where Mel Gibson repairs the roof. 0:22:53
Ghost Dad 5 Bill Cosby’s “ghost” flies between his house and Denise Nicholas’s house. 0:48:06
Halloween 2 The “Michael Myers” house where much of the action takes place throughout the movie. 0:02:25
Halloween 6 Jaime Lee Curtis & the girls walk down Highland and Michael Myers drives by in old station wagon. 0:20:26
Halloween 7 Jaime Lee Curtis & the girls walk down sidewalk, “Michael Myers” hides behind hedges. 0:22:03
Halloween 9 Jaime Lee Curtis meets the Sheriff at the hardware store. 0:32:00
Jurassic Park II 7 Vince Vaughn and Julianne Moore “rescue” the baby T-Rex, at the Los Angeles County Arboretum lagoon. 0:46:38
Jurassic Park III 2 Sam Neil at Laura Dern’s house. Exteriors of back and front yards. 0:04:11
Kentucky Fried Movie 6 The Rialto theater. The “Feel-A-Round” movie watching experience. 0:10:47
Liar, Liar 1 Establishing shot of Jim Carrey & Maura Tierney’s house. 0:02:06
Meet The Fockers 4 Dustin Hoffman & Barbara Streissand’s house in “Florida.” It’s the Queen Anne Cottage at the Los Angeles County Arboretum, also used in Fantasy Island. 0:20:33
Memoirs of a Geisha 17 Huntington Gardens, Japanese Garden. Location for the “Cherry Blossom” wedding scene. 1:25:28
National Treasure 8 Nicholas Cage & Diane Kruger arrive at Jon Voight’s house where they discover the secret on the back of the Declaration of Independence. 0:57:18
Old School 3 Establishing shot of fraternity house in South Pasadena. 0:12:36
Old School 4 Will Ferrell “streaks” up the street from the party.
(Unrated version of the movie only).
Old School 16 The “fraternity boys” discuss being thrown off campus inside Shaker’s restaurant in South Pasadena. 1:11:40
3 Renee Russo moves out of Dustin Hoffman’s house. 0:08:10
Rumor Has It 15-17 Spectacular shots of Pasadena City Hall front entrance and fountain courtyard. Jennifer Anniston and Kevin Kostner attend the “Casablanca Ball” here.
In Joke: Just before the woman at the table discussing movies says, “It’s all special effects,” you see a painted backdrop that’s supposed to make Pasadena look like the San Francisco skyline.
Rumor Has It 3 Jennifer Anniston’s car drives across the Colorado Boulevard Bridge. 0:11:14
Rumor Has It 3 Drive-by shot of the Castle Green Condos on Raymond Avenue. 0:11:17
Rumor Has It 3 Drive-by shot of the Rose Bowl. 0:11:20
Rumor Has It 3 Drive-by shot of Old Pasadena on Colorado Boulevard. 0:11:22
Rumor Has It 3 Drive-by shot of the Wrigley Mansion on Orange Grove Avenue, headquarters of the Tournament of Roses. 0:11:25
Rumor Has It 3 Drive-by shot of the “Blacker House” on Hillcrest Avenue, the largest of the Greene & Greene California Craftsman Bungalows (built in 1907). 0:11:28
Scream II 1 The Rialto theater. Opening credits as audience watches the “movie-within-the-movie” which leads to the death of Jada Pinkett Smith and Omar Epps. 0:00:08
Sky High 1 Kids walk on Buena Vista Street from house, down sidewalk, to school bus. 0:06:28
Sky High 2 Colorado Boulevard Bridge. Used as the launch ramp for the Sky High school bus. 0:08:57
Swing Shift 19 Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Christine Lahti , drive up to the hotel for the 1944 New Year’s Eve party. Beautiful shot as camera crane goes up to reveal the Huntington Ritz-Carlton Hotel south lawn. 0:59:08
Teen Wolf 2 Michael J. Fox & girlfriend walk down Mission Street, then he enters his father’s hardware store. 0:09:10
Teen Wolf 14 Long dolly shot of Michael J. Fox & girlfriend walking up the street. 1:05:23
The Girl Next Door 5 Elisha Cuthbert (“The Girl”) moves in next door to Emile Hirsch. 0:10:08
The Player 7 Rialto theater. Tim Robbins meets Vincent D’Onofrio which leads to the murder behind the theater. 0:29:36
The Rocketeer 3 Jennifer Connelly and Bill Campbell watch the newsreel inside the Rialto theater. 0:23:03
The Terminator 5 Linda Hamilton working as a waitress at “Big Jeff’s restaurant. Interiors and exteriors of Carrows restaurant in South Pasadena. 0:11:55
The Wedding Planner 19 Jennifer Lopez & Matthew McConaghey accidentally “break” the statue in the Huntington Gardens, North Vista. 0:57:00
The Wedding Planner 25 Matthew McConaghey calls off wedding inside the Huntington Gardens, Japanese Garden. 1:27:16
Thriller N/A Opening of the Michael Jackson music video inside the Rialto theater. N/A

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