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Scott's L.A.™ - How to Use MAP LINKS:

Click HERE for a MAP of the location MAP LINK EXAMPLE
Most of our map links will give you a Google map that shows you the address and a location marker as shown below. You can use the zoom controls (on the left) to show a larger or smaller area, and the arrow controls will move to those portions of the larger map that are above, below, and on each side of the map currently displayed. You can also click on the Satellite and Hybrid buttons (on the top-right) to see a photograph of the location taken from a space satellite.

Custom Maps & Driving Instructions

Google can also make you a custom map with driving instructions that will guide you from where you are to where you want to go.  Click on "To here," then enter the address of where you want to go FROM into the "Start address" box, then click the "Get Directions" button.

NOTE: Google needs the street address, city, & state to create a map for you. (Zip code is not required.)


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