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Quick Tips: TRAFFIC

Reality Check

L.A. is huge!  First-time visitors are surprised that the “L.A. area” is more than 3,000 sq miles (8,000 sq km).  It’s not just the city limits of L.A., but all the places we work and play, from Malibu to Newport Beach, and from Magic Mountain to Disneyland.

More than 10 million people live in the L.A. area.  That means lots of cars on the road as we drive to and from work every day.

I don’t know anybody who lives here who can tell you “how many miles” it is from Point A to Point B, we only know “how many minutes.”  And that will vary on what time of day it is, a 20-minute early-morning commute can take 1~2 hours during rush hour.

freeway map of los angeles

Before You Go

Whether it’s those “big days” when you want to get a theme park early to beat the crowds, or a laid-back day at the beach, you want to 1) check your Thomas Guide® or other map to make sure you know which freeways or roads you’ll be taking, then 2) check out the local TV morning news programs for current traffic conditions.  Each of the local stations gives traffic reports at different times, and each station has an Internet link that’s active 24 hours a day, so you can check traffic conditions any time you want.  Here are 4 out the 7 local stations:  Channel 2  (KCBS-TV), Channel 4 (KNBC-TV), Channel 5  (KTLA-TV) Channel 7 (KABC-TV).

On the Road
First, be sure to take your map with you.  If an accident closes the freeway and the Highway Patrol takes everybody off the freeway, you’ll need to know how to get around the delay, or where the next freeway on-ramp is.
Second, turn your car radio ON and at least keep it at “background” level in order to hear updated traffic conditions, they can change in a heartbeat.  Almost all stations have regular, or semi-regular, traffic reports, but your best bets are the news stations, KNX, 1070 AM and KFWB, 980 AM which have reports every few minutes.

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